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Overnight Pet Sitting in Lawton
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Overnight Pet Sitting Services in Lawton

Bed & Biscuit Overnight Care™ For Your Pets

When your pet(s) are your family and you want the best for them, it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to find trustworthy overnight care. It’s natural, understandable, and means you’re a pet owner with great intentions. With support from a nationally utilized brand, Woofie’s® of Lawton is your local team of pet care professionals. 

Our Bed & Biscuit Overnight Care™ offers much more than a traditional boarding service, with attentive overnight care from professional pet sitters. Every aspect of care is met with this ‘round-the-clock option. Your local Woofie’s pet sitter happily welcomes your pet into their home for the night, tending to needs as they arise and providing TLC your pet deserves. Please keep in mind that though our team adores puppies, due to their additional needs and special requirements, there is a surcharge for dogs under one year. 

Lawton Area In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting

In some instances, you may not feel comfortable bringing your pet outside the home for overnight care. This is completely understandable, especially if your pet has anxiety. Woofie’s® of Lawton’s in-home option brings a certified pet sitter to your home from 7 pm until 7 am for all bathroom, playtime, and feeding needs. 

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Overnight Pet Sitting Pricing

In-Home Overnight Care

Woofie's overnight care pet sitting service is an excellent option for puppies and older pets who might require a bit more attention and more frequent bathroom breaks. With overnight pet sitting, a pet care professional will stay at the client’s home and care for their pet from 7pm until 7am. Sitters will provide early morning and evening feeds and walks, waste removal, litter box cleaning, water bowl refills, and more.

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  • 12-hour In-Home Overnight visit (up to two pets)

  • Each Additional Pet 3+

  • Extra Large Pet


Bed & Biscuit Overnight Care

Your pet will stay in a professional pet sitter's home and receive the ‘round-the-clock attentive care they need. Your local Woofie's pet care professionals will treat your pet like they would want their own pet to be treated and will handle every aspect of their care while their parents are away. Though Woofie's team absolutely loves puppies and their boundless energy, because they require a bit more attention and some special requirements, a surcharge will apply for dogs less than one-year-old.

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  • 24-hour Bed & Biscuit Overnight Care

  • Additional dog from the same family

  • Dog less than one year old


Overnight Pet Sitting FAQs

  • What are the Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker?

    Hiring a dog walker benefits both you and your pup. These benefits include:

    • Regular walks promote health and exercise for your dog. In order to remain healthy your dog needs exercise and hiring a dog walker can help them achieve regular walks. 
    • Walking can help to eliminate destructive behavior at home. Hiring a dog walker will help to allow your dog to relieve his/her pent-up energy. In turn, your dog will be less likely to chew, bite, and bark during the day.
    • Mid-day walks with a dog walker can provide companionship. Your pet will likely be happier if they have social interaction while you're away.
    • Scheduled walks allow you to run errands after work without feeling guilty that your pup is home alone. You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog was able to get the exercise and relief they needed during their walk. 
  • Will you also take in my mail, water the plants, etc. when I am out of town?

    Yes! We can take in the mail, water plants, rotate your lights, etc. Just let us know what you need while you are gone! 

  • Do you administer medication?

    Yes, we do. Depending on the type of medication administration that is needed, there may be an additional fee.

  • How do I know that my dog was actually walked?

    Our Woofie’s app includes a GPS tracking system so you can see the route your walker took when walking your dog. 

  • How do you enter my home for service?

    All Woofie’s clients must purchase a Woofie’s lockbox, which is yours to keep. This enables you to always keep your key on your premises. 

  • Do your sitters have background checks?

    Yes, all of our team members must undergo background checks upon hiring.

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