What Our Pets Are Thankful For

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Image of Grey Cat

There’s a lot about gratitude we can learn from our furry friends who genuinely enjoy the simple things in life. They teach us that the little things are actually big things, and that contentment is what gratitude is all about and the ultimate secret to enjoying life.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches and everyone is focused on counting their blessings, it made us wonder: if our pets were to sit down and make their own list of things they were thankful for, what do you think would make the list? Here’s our take!

10 Things Your Dog is Thankful For

If your dog were to tell you the top ten things that make their tail wag, here’s what we think they’d say:

  1. Any attention. Of any kind. At any time.
  2. A walk to the dog park, especially if it’s with their favorite dog walker!
  3. Belly rubs and behind-the-ears scratches.
  4. That ratty tennis ball or toy they insist you throw for them at least ten times per day.
  5. Ice cubes! And peanut butter. Yum!
  6. A nice joy ride on a sunny day where they can stick their head out the window and hang out their tongue!
  7. Hearing the words “good boy / girl” after doing something to make you proud.
  8. Anyone who comes to the front door they can bark at, delivery drivers included.
  9. The feeling after coming home from a relaxing “spaw day”!
  10. Did someone say treats? And lots of them!

10 Things Your Cat is Thankful For

Despite their unpredictable moodiness at times, deep down we believe cats have a thankful heart, too! Here’s the top ten things we think they are fond of:

  1. The glimmer of sunlight that streams in through the window each afternoon and makes a nice warm spot on the carpet for sunbathing.
  2. Fresh litter (to play in and make a mess!).
  3. A morning, midday and evening nap.
  4. Being waited on.
  5. When it rains outside and the weather matches with their mood.
  6. A nice back scratch - on their terms - paired with a good, long stretch.
  7. Their favorite spot on the couch where they like to curl up as you are reading a book or watching TV.
  8. The view from the window sill where they can keep watch on all happenings in the neighborhood.
  9. Making themselves heard any time a need arises.
  10. Sneak-attacking and playing with a passerby or any item laying on the floor - the more random the item, the better.

And of course, the biggest thing that should be at the top of the list: YOU! Being unconditionally loved is any pet’s greatest gift, and one that is returned freely.

And we at Woofie’s are thankful for you, too! We never take caring for your precious pets lightly and always appreciate the opportunity to do so. Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Woofie’s!