Halloween Costume Ideas to Match With Your Dog

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With the arrival of fall weather comes the fun of planning for Halloween costumes. Statistically speaking, 59% of pet parents enjoy bringing their pet trick or treating with them this year, and funny enough, 53% think dog and cat costumes are cuter than kid costumes!

While we aren’t here to argue the cuteness of human children versus fur babies, we will say there is nothing cuter or more fun than matching your pet. So, we’ve put together some TV show and movie-inspired costume ideas that you and your pup can dress as for Halloween this year, categorized by dog sizes and types.

Smaller-sized Dog

Bruiser and Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

This costume will of course be easiest if you already have blonde hair, but you can always get a wig to pull it off! Find a fabulous hot pink pant suit and matching hot pink dog sweater and you’ll be set!


Toto and Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Trick or treat down the yellow brick road as Toto and Dorothy for Halloween! This precious pair is sure to be a crowd pleaser. For yourself, wear a light blue dress and white puff sleeve shirt underneath, tie your hair into two braids, and don’t forget to add the red slippers! Carry a picnic basket with you that your Toto can ride along in.


Baby Yoda, Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia, Star Wars

Who doesn’t want to turn their fur baby into a baby yoda?! You can easily create a hat out of felt for your pup or find a pre-made one at a local party store. For Princess Leia, wear a white long sleeve dress and tie your hair up in two buns on the side. For Luke Skywalker, wear a white tunic with a brown belt and pants, and don’t forget to accessorize with your lightsaber!


Medium-sized Dog (White or Light Coat)

Snoopy and Charlie Brown, The Peanuts

This timeless cartoon made from the 1960s has spanned across generations and was even made into a movie in the mid-2010s. To dress as Charlie Brown, find a yellow shirt you can add a black zig zag stripe across the middle, and pair with black shorts and brown shoes. For Snoopy, find a red collar and if you are feeling creative, make a headband for your dog to wear with Woodstock attached.


Pongo / Perdita and Cruella, 101 Dalmatians

This costume will obviously be easiest if you already have a dalmatian, but if you don’t and your dog has a white or light coat, you can paint spots on them to look the part. Pongo wears a red color with a gold name tag, and Perdita wears a blue collar with a gold name tag. Cruella, of course, wears a fur coat, red gloves and matching high heels, and a black dress underneath.

Larger-sized Dog (Brown Coat)

Scooby Doo and Shaggy or Daphne, Scooby Doo

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?! Scooby and Shaggy were the famous mystery solving duo from the well-known 90s TV Show, Scooby Doo. For your dog’s costume, find a turquoise collar and bonus points if you can find a gold diamond shaped name tag. Shaggy always appeared wearing a green shirt, red bell bottom pants and black shoes. Daphne wore an iconic purple dress and green scarf with a matching purple headband and high heels. (Bonus points for dying your hair orange!)


Dug and Russell, Up

Arguably one of the most heartwarming animated movies recently produced, Up is the perfect movie to reenact with your pup for Halloween. To dress up as Russell, wear a yellow shirt, orange scarf, brown shorts and shoes and a yellow hat. To accessorize, add a brown sash with multi-colored buttons and a backpack with a yellow flag sticking out the side. For your dog, you can choose between a dog that lights up or the infamous “cone of shame”. (Don’t worry, it will only last for a couple hours, or at least until pictures are over!)


Max and The Grinch, The Grinch

This costume very much depends on whether or not you fall into the crowd that approves listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. If you are obsessed with the holidays and can’t wait until December, this costume is perfect for you! Just find a single antler and red ball to strap to your dog’s head and nose, and throw on a Santa hat and green face paint.


Golden Retriever

Comet and Michelle, Full House

Comet was an adorable golden retriever introduced in season three of the TV show Full House. In a season eight episode called “Comet’s Excellent Adventure,” Uncle Jesse absentmindedly tells 8-year-old Michele to go walk Comet herself after she keeps pestering him. (She only followed him to the sidewalk, and then left Comet to roam the city streets alone!) To reenact this episode, throw on your best floral overalls with a sweatshirt and big hair scrunchie to match for a Michelle-inspired outfit. Grab your golden and head out the door! (This is a fairly simple one for your dog!)


Air Bud and Kevin, Air Bud

A classic 90s movie that quickly became a household staple, Air Bud is the perfect throwback look to sport with your golden pal! Bonus points if you can find matching blue jerseys and write “Timber Wolves” on the front. Air Bud had “K9” as his jersey number and Kevin’s was 4.

Share your dog costumes with us on social media and remember that chocolate candy is toxic to your dog! Have a safe and happy “howl-o-ween” from your friends at Woofie’s!