10 Holiday Photo Ideas for Your Pets

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The holiday season is here, and what a better way to celebrate than a fun, festive photoshoot with your pet? We’ve put together ten different photo ideas for you to try with your pets this holiday season.

1. Santa Paws: If you are more of the traditional type, dress your pet in a Santa hat. A classic look that never goes out of style!


2. Turning Heads: Dress your pet up with a festive headband, like reindeer antlers. They’ll look cute even without a red nose!


3. Out of the Box: Dress your pet up by placing them in a present box and top it off with a cute bow on their head!


4. Merry and Bright: Dress your pet up with strands of Christmas lights for an extra glow effect! Safety note: make sure they don’t chew the wires to avoid electrocution!


5. Christmas Kisses: Place your pet underneath some mistletoe and take a photo. Bonus points if you get under there with them for a nice sloppy lick on the face!


6. Hats Off: This one might take some effort, but if you can manage to stick your dog’s head through a Christmas wreath, it will make for a creative hat!


7. O Christmas Tree: Take advantage of your already beautifully set up Christmas tree as a nice backdrop for your photo! Pose your pet in front of the tree, and maybe dress them in a fun holiday sweater.


8. Snuggle Buddies: Try wrapping your pet in a festive blanket to give the photo major cozy vibes.


9. Sorry Santa! Go for a comical angle and set up a scene with cookies and milk for Santa, and let your pets eat them while you take a photo of them caught in the act! Note: make sure the cookies are pet-friendly!


10. An All-In Affaire: Why not go the full-on costume route?! Find a Christmas tree, snowman, or other festive costume to dress your pet in. The results are sure to be hilariously adorable!

Which photo idea is your favorite? Share your photos with us on social media! Meowy Christmas and Happy Howlidays from your friends at Woofie's!