Why Midday Dog Walks are a Good Idea

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Golden retriever on a walk

The middle of the day is a great halfway point to break up the day as opposed to your dog being indoors for 8 hours a day while you're at work waiting to go to the bathroom, go outside and have an outlet for their energy. January is National Walk Your Dog month, and we are taking a look at four reasons why setting your pet up with a regular midday dog walking routine is a good idea. 

Your Dog Will Have a Better Mood: Who wouldn’t be in a better mood after some fresh air and a little adventure? Exercise will produce endorphins and give your dog an emotional high and stimulate their mind and senses. A change in scene with new sights and smells will put your pup in a much better mood as opposed to sitting inside all day.

Your Dog Will Have Better Health: Your pup’s digestive health will naturally be more regulated with built-in bathroom breaks along their walk, and additionally, their body weight will be regulated as well. Sedentary lifestyles are just as bad for people as pets, and little movement throughout their day can negatively impact a dog’s joints and heart.  

Your Dog Will Have Better Behavior: The difference between your dog’s behavior on a day they go for a walk and on a day they do not is notable. If your dog hasn’t been taken on a walk that day, you might notice them acting antsy or needy. This could result in them seeking attention in a negative way, such as barking loudly, or chewing on something they are not supposed to. Your dog will be much more calm, agreeable and obedient with some regular exercise in their day. 

Your Dog will Have a Better Quality of Life: Your dog only has one life, and you want them to live it well! A dog that has a regular walking routine is a dog that is happy, healthy and well-balanced. A dog that gets some sunshine and adventure each day will have a much better quality of life than one who is sitting indoors all day without much activity. 

If you are ready to incorporate midday walks into your dog’s weekly routine, read about our dog walking services and contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our walkers.