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Mobile Pet Spa in Rochester

Premium Spa Services at Your Preferred Location

There are many upsides to having your pet regularly groomed. Grooming will help maintain your pet’s appearance, health, and hygiene. Unfortunately, finding time to take them to the salon can be a hassle. At Woofie’s® of Rochester, we offer a convenient alternative solution. When you book our mobile pet spa services, you won't have to worry about traveling to the pet salon ever again. Our expert groomers will bring the pet spa experience to your doorstep, leaving your pet feeling pampered and comfortable in a space in which they feel safe.

Our mobile pet spa services deliver convenience, quality, and care. With the mobile salon parked right outside your home, your pet can feel relaxed in their familiar surroundings while receiving the luxury treatment they deserve.

Dynamic Pet Grooming Options

Does your pet shed a lot? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our expert groomers can perform a 3-Step DeShed Treatment, applying our patented Coat Release™ technology to remove tangles, knots, and mats without pulling hair or causing pain.

Our team is highly trained and equipped to deliver a range of grooming services for your pet, including:

  • Luxurious baths
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Coat styling
  • Full Grooming

Our pet spa team serves the Rochester region. You can contact our team anytime to discuss our specific geographical parameters. We can also provide pet spa services at a mutually agreed upon location. First-time clients must be home during the grooming appointment. For other situations, pet owners must ensure safe and easy access ahead of time to avoid delays, setbacks, and confusion.

Customizable Pet Spa Services

Our mobile pet spa specialists understand that every pet has unique needs and preferences. That's why we prioritize personalization while delivering our services. Our talented groomers will communicate with you to understand your pet's behavior, health conditions, and specific grooming requirements, tailoring their approach accordingly. We respect your pet's comfort and go above and beyond to ensure they always feel at ease throughout the grooming process.

Setting up regular grooming appointments for your pet has never been easier with our mobile pet spa services. Let us know your preferred frequency of appointments, groomers, and availability, and we’ll work with your schedule. We also offer exclusive perks to Woof Pack members who have used our services ten or more times. As a Pack Member, you'll receive promotional upgrades, gifts, and discounts after booking your 10th Luxury Bath, Mini Groom, and Full Groom service.

Contact us today at (585) 206-4840 to book a trusted dog walker! We provide grooming, in home pet sitting, and dog walking services in the Greater Rochester Area including: Greece, Fairport, Pittsford, Webster, Canandaigua, and surrounding areas

Call (585) 206-4840 to talk to our mobile pet spa team in Rochester, NY  today!

Mobile Pet Spa Pricing

Pet Grooming Services

Please note: Pricing is based on breed, weight, condition of coat, and temperament. These prices will be confirmed by the groomer upon arrival. Feel free to contact us with any questions on pricing.

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    Prices starting at:

  • Luxury Bath


    This luxury bath service begins with a gentle coat brushing followed by a massaging bath featuring your choice of premium shampoo. Our no-tears, brightening face wash follows to cleanse away dirt and stains while the ears are gently sanitized to remove dirt and wax buildup. Next, nails are clipped and/or dremeled to perfection! We finish off with a thorough cage-free drying to remove any loose hair and a light, fragrant spritz that makes cuddle time a dream!

  • Full Groom


    Our signature Luxury Bath spa treatment plus a complete whole-body cut specific to your pup’s breed or your personal preference. Our professional groomers can do anything from lion cuts to mohawks and everything in between! We work with you to make sure your pup looks Best in Show!

  • Mani-Pedi


    Nail trim with clipper or a Dremel, whatever you and your pet prefer!

Specialty Treatments

Add to any core pet grooming service!

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  • Summer Lovin’


    Are you hopelessly devoted to your pup? How about adding our Summer Lovin’ promo to your dog’s groom this month and you and your pup will be having a blast showing off their fresh, clean, kissable look all Summer long!

    Your pup will get an irresistibly perfect combo of our naturally aromatic oatmeal shampoo paired with our Blueberry Face Wash and finished off with our conditioning Sugar Cookie Spritz. Your little T-Bird or Pink Lady will also receive a Summer-themed bandanna and have their picture taken for our social media pages so you can share with the world why you and your pup will always be together!

  • 3-Step Deshed

    Woofie’s expert groomers can assist your pet’s natural shedding process with our new 3-Step DeShed Treatment! Each step utilizes a specially patented Coat Release™ technology to remove mats and tangles and release excess fur easily - without pulling or damage!

    We start with a pre-treatment process and luxurious bath with our premium DeShed Ultra Wash to help reduce the damage pre-bath brushing can have on your pets coat and our special formula shampoo releases your dog's shedding undercoat as they bathe. Next, we use our Ultra Plenish conditioner to massage the coat with protein-enriched silk amino acids for body, shine and repair! We finish up with a leave-in Ultra Vitalizing Mist. This hypoallergenic, hydrating spray helps to release any remaining loose undercoat and free tangles - all while conditioning the coat and skin with a special blend of ingredients including peppermint and spearmint essential essences. Safe for all dogs, puppies, and all coat types.
  • Shea Butter Relief Massage


    Treat your pup to a gentle massage with our premium shea butter shampoo. Infused with argan oil and aloe vera, this soothing wash moisturizes and calms dry, irritated skin. We finish with a light shea butter conditioning spray to leave your dog’s coat looking and feeling smooth and silky. Our Shea Butter Relief treatment adds sheen and helps to detangle and repair breakage, leaving a vibrant, healthy looking coat.

  • Happy Barkday


    Celebrate your pup’s special day starting with a yummy blueberry facial! This gentle blend of blueberries and vanilla helps to remove tear stains and dirt while brightening the fur. Your baby will receive a special birthday bandana and a “Happy Birthday!” picture on Woofie’s social media pages!

  • Paw-Triotic Pup


    Are you and your pup ready to celebrate our great nation this month? How about adding our Paw-Triotic Pup promo to get them looking and smelling good enough to hit the holiday parade route!

Woofie's Essential Add-On Services

Please note these prices will be confirmed by the groomer upon arrival. Feel free to contact us with any questions on pricing.

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  • Tick Removal


    Tick removal can be tricky...leave it to Woofie’s to do the extraction for you! We use a special tool to get the job done easily and painlessly. (Removal for up to 10 ticks. Additional costs may apply for more than 10 ticks.)

  • Flea & Tick Be-Gone! Treatment


    Get rid of those pesky fleas and ticks with Woofie’s Flea & Tick Be Gone! Treatment. Our maximum strength flea and tick shampoo kills fleas and ticks on contact and keeps them away for up to 7 days with natural and effective essential oils. This special wash contains no harmful chemicals and is safe enough for dogs and puppies 12 weeks and older. Clove, lemongrass, and cinnamon oils leave your pup’s coat smelling clean and fresh!

  • Deskunking Treatment


    No one likes a run-in with a skunk! Thankfully, Woofie’s knows just what to do to remove that awful, skunky smell from your pup’s coat. Our special treatment penetrates deep down to gently, and effectively rid the fur of any and all odors. After a thorough wash, we towel dry your pup to prevent any resurgence of odor that may occur with heat drying.

Spaw Day Enhancements

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  • Healthy Breath Bundle


    A healthy mouth is imperative to the overall health of your pet! Let Woofie’s help make those teeth shine with a gentle and thorough teeth brushing with our minty fresh, plaque-fighting gel. This specially formulated gel uses powerful, natural ingredients to defend against plaque and tartar, leaving the breath fresh, clean and ready for kisses!

  • Paw Pad Treatment


    Delicate paws can become dry and cracked from regular walking on hard, rough surfaces. Treat your pup to a soothing, deep conditioning treatment that will restore and protect the skin on the paws. We start with a gentle washing of the paw pads, followed by a massage with our fast-healing paw pad balm. Formulated with Abyssinian oil and bamboo extract, this treatment will leave your pup’s paws with long lasting softness and moisture.

  • Blueberry Kisses Facial


    A delicious blend of blueberries and vanilla help to wash away tear stains and dirt - leaving your pup’s face clear, bright and ready for kisses

Appointment Details

    • Location

      Wherever you are! We’ll bring our Pet Spa anywhere in our service area. If you live outside of our service area, your groomer will meet you at the Woofie’s® office or another agreed-upon location.

    • Reminder

      Woofie’s® will send a reminder a few days before your appointment. Send us a confirmation back (just a “Got it!” will do), and if you don’t plan to be home, respond by confirming our alternate access method.

    • Access *Cat grooming options vary per location.

      You will need to be home for your appointment unless you have already provided an alternate access method for your groomer. If you won’t be home, please make sure to respond to your reminder to confirm our access method. For cats and new clients, you are required to be home for your appointment.

    • Safety *Cat grooming options vary per location.

      Please provide proper equipment (leash, collar, or carrier for cats and small dogs) so that we can safely transport your pet in and out of the van. You’re also welcome to carry your pet in and out, just let your groomer know! We are pet experts, but in the rare case that a pet is un-groomable due to behavior or health issues, there will be a minimum $20 fee.

    • Payment *payment options vary per location

      We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, check, or cash. We request that every client keep a card on file to secure their Mobile Pet Spa appointments. You will receive an itemized invoice after the service, and your card will be charged within two business days. During this time, you can ask any questions or add gratuity. A receipt will follow after payment is processed.

Mobile Pet Spa FAQs

  • Can I just get a Nail Trim?

    Absolutely. We will work with you to schedule the nail trim when we are in your neighborhood or advise you on special events where you can come to us.

  • What do you recommend for a dog that sheds?

    Shedding is a natural process that occurs when dogs release excess fur and can be a major issue for pet parents depending on the time of year AND the type of dog you have. Woofie’s expert groomers can assist your pet’s natural shedding process with our 3-Step DeShed Treatment! All three steps within the Woofie’s 3-Step DeShed Treatment utilize a specially patented Coat Release™ technology to remove mats and tangles and release excess fur easily – without pulling or damage!

    Our DeShed Treatment is safe for all dogs, puppies, and all coat types.

  • What does special handling mean?

    Special handling typically refers to pets who may have special needs due to size, coat condition, age, or medical needs. Sometimes pets may incur a special handling fee due to one of these scenarios.

  • Can I request a groomer?

    Yes! If you love your groomer, please feel free to request them for your next service. 

  • How long does the grooming take?

    We estimate between 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the breed of your pet, condition of the coat, frequency of grooms, and your pet’s behavior. 

  • Is there a weight/size limit?

    All our locations do set their own weight and size limits. Typically, dogs below 80lbs can be accommodated. Please check with your local Woofie’s for specifics.

  • Do I have to be home for the groom?

    We do request that you are home for at least the first appointment. After your first groom with us, we can discuss if alternative access is an option for you so you do not need to be home for future grooms.

  • Will the groomer come to the door to get the dog, or do I need to bring him out?

    Upon arrival, your Woofie’s groomer will come to the door to get your pet. Once your pet’s grooming appointment is complete, we’ll bring them back to you – pampered, fresh, and clean!

  • Can I be in the van with my dog during the grooming?

    It is our company policy that clients are not allowed in the van during the actual groom unless it is a health or behavior-related issue where the groomer requires the client’s assistance. The safety of your pet is always our first priority!

  • Can I see inside the van or take a tour?

    Absolutely – in fact, we encourage it! Just let us know at the time of booking your appointment so we can be sure to let the groomer know. 

  • What kind of products do you use? Are they hypoallergenic?

    We offer a variety of premium luxury shampoos for you to choose from. We do offer Hypoallergenic options.

  • If I bathe my pet, would the grooming price be less? Can we have the groom without the bath?

    The price of the groom will be the same whether you bathe your pet prior to the groom or not. Our Pet Stylists typically will need to bathe your pet themselves to ensure the pet is fully clean, as a dirty coat can damage the equipment they use and could result in a less than perfect finish. 

    On occasion, we may agree to you bathing the pet ahead of time due to behavior or medical reasons. We will work with you in more detail if that situation were to arise.

  • What if my pet is matted?

    Mats on your pup’s fur can be unsightly and, most importantly, painful to your pet. Woofie’s takes the pain and stress out of dematting with our combination dematting treatment. We start by applying a dematting pretreatment to help soften and loosen the mats, then use a specialized dematting tool to safely and gently work through them. 15 minutes of brushing/dematting time is included in our core packages, if more time is needed, your Pet Stylist will discuss your options with you

    Please Note: If mats are too severe to be humanely combed out, we may suggest shaving or veterinarian care.

  • What is the price for a groom?

    Our starting prices are breed-specific, but there are also many other variables that factor into the price, such as the pet's behavior, the condition of the coat, how frequently your pet is groomed, and the size of the pet to name a few.

  • Do you need anything (connection to water or power) for the van?

    Woofie’s Mobile Pet Spas are state-of-the-art and fully self-contained. We do not need to connect to your home's power or water supply. 

  • What is included in a Luxury Bath/Mini Groom/Full Groom?

    Our Luxury Bath service begins with a gentle coat brushing followed by a massaging bath featuring your choice of premium shampoo. Our no-tears, brightening face wash follows to cleanse away dirt and stains while the ears are gently sanitized to remove dirt and wax buildup. Next, nails are clipped and/or dremeled. We finish off with a thorough cage-free drying to remove any loose hair and a light, fragrant spritz.

    Our Full Groom service is our signature Luxury Bath spa treatment plus a complete whole-body cut specific to your pup’s breed or your personal preference. 

  • Does mobile grooming cost more than grooming in a brick-and-mortar salon?

    Yes, Mobile Grooming is a specialized service. It offers convenience and utilizes luxury products. Mobile Pet Stylists are limited to the number of pets they can accommodate in a day, due to offering personalized, one-on-one attention. Your pet gets the groomer's undivided attention throughout the entire grooming process. Mobile grooming is not a high-volume business, rather it is a premium service designed to reduce the stress of grooming on your dog and to be a convenience and time-saver for you.

  • How often should my pet be groomed?

    On average, most pets need grooming every 4 – 6 weeks, but every breed is different. It also depends on how long or short you like to keep the hair on your pet.

    Want to learn more about the benefits of dog grooming? Visit our blog: 5 Key Reasons to Schedule Regular Dog Grooming

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