Tips to Manage your Dog's Spring Allergies

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Golden Retriever sitting in a meadow

The arrival of spring is always a welcome sight - warm sun, fresh flowers, and all the joys of new beginnings. But as the season turns, so do the allergies increase. It's not just us humans who suffer from allergies, but our furry friends also get affected.

As a dog mom or dad, it can be hard to watch your doggo suffer from seasonal allergies. Itching, scratching, swelling - it's not a pleasant sight! But fear not, your friends at Woofie's will provide you with tips and tricks to manage your dog's seasonal allergies.

Keep your dog indoors during peak hours.

While we understand that dogs love to frolic around in the outdoors, during allergy season, it's crucial to keep them inside during peak pollen hours. Pollen and other allergens can cling to their fur, leading to a reaction. To minimize exposure, keep your dog indoors between 5 am to 10 am. If you must take your dog for a walk during the peak hours, ensure they wear a jacket to cover their fur.

Clean your dog's paws.

Imagine walking on the roadside filled with pollen and thick layers of dust. When your dog comes back after their walk, it's essential to clean their paws. Pollen and other allergens can stick to their paws and cause irritation, leading to infections.

To combat this, keep a bowl of clean water near the door and encourage your dog to step in it. Wipe their paws clean, which will help reduce the allergen buildup.

Give your dog frequent baths.

As humans, we take showers to get rid of dirt and other impurities, and the same goes for dogs. Giving your dog frequent baths will remove any allergens caught on their fur. However, make sure not to overdo it as too many baths can lead to dry skin, which can cause more irritation.

Ask for the oatmeal shampoo during their next mobile pet spa appointment, which is a great choice for itchy and inflamed skin due to environmental allergies. You can also consult your veterinarian and ask them about other shampoos that can help reduce allergies.

Ensure your house is clean.

Apart from the outdoors, allergens can stay indoors, causing a reaction. Regular cleaning, especially using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, helps minimize the allergens in the air. Dust mites and mold can accumulate on beddings and carpets. As these can irritate the skin, make sure to wash your dog's beddings frequently in hot water.

Consult a veterinarian.

If your dog has severe allergies, consult a veterinarian. They can do allergy tests and provide you with the right medication to reduce discomfort. For mild allergies, over-the-counter medication like Benadryl can help to manage the situation.

We all love to see our furry friends happy and healthy. Allergies, though a common occurrence, can make your dog's life difficult, leading to pain and discomfort. These tips and tricks can help keep your dog's allergies in check, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors without fear of reactions.

All in all, keeping an eye on them, keeping them clean, and consulting a specialized veterinarian to provide the right medication will do the trick. Remember, your pooch depends on you for their health, and with these insightful tips, you can ensure they are happy, healthy, and allergy-free!