The Importance of Routine for Your Pet

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Cat and dog sharing meal

Much like people, pets operate at their best when there is a regular routine incorporated into their daily lives. It brings them a sense of stability and security and decreases stress and anxiety knowing that they can anticipate all of their primary needs are being cared for. Developing a routine for when your pet eats, plays, and visits the vet will all contribute to their overall wellbeing. 

Meal Routine

Establishing consistent feeding times for your dog or cat will not only help them know when to expect to eat but also will help with regulating their digestive system. Having a set meal time versus free-feeding your dog or cat (leaving food out all day) will also help keep off excess weight and reinforce positive behaviors. They will be less likely to act out and eat other things (like your favorite pair of shoes!) when they have an exact time they are expecting to eat.

Exercise and Playtime Routine

Creating a consistent exercise and playtime routine for your pet will also help deter them from more destructive behaviors so that they are exerting their energy during specific times. This is true for pets of any age, but especially for kittens and puppies while they are still in training. Physical activities like walking your dog help to boost not only the physical health of your pet but also their mental and emotional health, too. Consider incorporating exercise and playtime for your pet twice a day.

Health Routine

Check in with your local vet office to see if they have a wellness program you can sign up your pet for. Annual checkups for preventative care will make sure they are at their healthiest state year-round and identify any problems early on. Making sure your pet is on a vaccine, flea and tick and heartworm medication regimen will help prevent them from getting any viruses or diseases.

Scheduling dental cleanings for your pet twice a year will help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath, and eliminate bacteria buildup. Additionally, spaying or neutering your dog or cat when they reach six months old will improve aggressive behavior, decrease the opportunity for infection and increase their lifespan as well.

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