How Can I Be a Better Pet Guardian?

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How can i be a better pet guardian

Just as we strive to become better parents of humans every day by finding ways to grow and improve ourselves, being a pet parent should be no different. That’s why the month of May was named Responsible Animal Guardian Month. It is designed to bring awareness on how to better take care of our pets. The Woofie's team is here to provide you with tips to do just that.

Quality Time and Attention

Yes, our human children require a significant amount of our time and attention, and it is no different with our fur babies, especially at their early stages. In order to be fully cared for, animals should receive dedicated time for playing and snuggling. Some pets will be more receptive to your time and attention than others (ahem, cats!), but you should still set aside ample time to attend to their needs.

Tip: If you need to go out of town and can’t bring your pet with you, look into scheduling a professional pet sitter to care for them and make sure they aren’t missing the regular attention and affection they need.

Health and Fitness Routine

We make it a point to take our own children to their monthly and yearly doctor appointments, and we should do the same with our pets. Don’t ignore your pet’s need to visit a vet on a regular basis. The frequency should be dependent upon their age: younger and older pets should see their vet more often, while adolescent and middle-aged pets should have an annual check up (at a minimum). Visits to the vet will include making sure all of their flea and tick medications and other shots are up to date. A healthy diet and exercise routine for your pet should also be taken into consideration. It might take some research to ensure your pet’s food has the amount of the nutrients needed and appropriate portion size for their life stage.

Tip: If you’re gone a majority of the day and there’s not a lot of space for your dog to run around, consider scheduling morning or midday walks for them using a dog walking service.

Hygiene Regimen

Few things are worse than a smelly pet! And doggy breath?! Don’t get us started. Your pet’s hygiene should be a priority not only for their sake, but for others around them! Regular grooming needs to be part of your pet’s care plan, and the frequency will be dependent upon their fur coat type. Don’t forget their dental cleanings when they visit the vet, too!

Tip: If you have a busy schedule, look into a mobile pet spa like ours that can bring all the amenities of a full-service salon to your home! You can even pre-schedule your grooming appointments for the rest of the year when you join our Wolf Pack loyalty program.

Discipline and Obedience Training

It’s been said that discipline is the highest form of love. No matter how cute our fur babies might be (especially when they look at us with their puppy dog eyes!), correcting their behavior when they misbehave should be a necessary part of their growth and development process. There are many methods and recommendations out there for how to best discipline your pet - just make sure it is done out of love and not physically harmful to them in any way.

Tip: If you want to enlist the help of professionals, you can always enroll your pet in a local obedience school in your area. It can even turn into a fun way to have more quality bonding time with them.

Safety and Security

Last but not least is to consider the different actions you can take to ensure the safety and security of your pet. Is there anything more sad than a lost dog?! Runaway pets are unfortunately common, and a couple ways to prevent them are installing a well-grounded fence around your property or microchipping your pet. Be aware of things around your home that could be potentially hazardous to your pet, such as different toxins in cleaning or other household products, certain kinds of foods or plants, or even stray electrical wires.

Tip: Just like a parent goes through the baby-proofing process throughout their home, consider doing the same for your pet!

If you’ve made it this far, not to worry, you are well on your way to becoming a more responsible pet guardian after reading our tips! For more pet care information and advice, visit our blog or follow us on social media.