2023 Pop Culture-Inspired Pet Halloween Costumes

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Dog with pink scarf and sunglasses

It’s that time of year again when the topic of conversation turns to, “what are you going to be for Halloween?!” Some years you know exactly how to answer, but others, you are out of ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to think of a new costume idea to top last year’s! And of course, as a pet parent, you want to think of ways to involve your sweet little sidekick, too. At Woofie’s, we’ve done some of the hard work of brainstorming for you and have come up with the below list of Halloween costume ideas based on this year’s pop culture themes. Take a look below and see if any of these resonate for you and your pet! 

Barbie Movie

Breaking record for the highest-grossing film of the year and highest-grossing film ever for a solo female director, the Barbie movie presents a large assortment of costume options with all the wardrobe changes from each movie scene. Whether you and your pet go as Barbie and Ken, or you play into the themed outfits like Cowgirl Barbie, Roller Skate Barbie, or European Travel Barbie, the options are truly endless. Don’t forget to incorporate lots of pink and bright colors, of course! 

The Little Mermaid Movie

With the continuation of Disney’s live action film series, The Little Mermaid movie was released this summer and brings about a wide variety of costume inspiration for you and your fur baby to choose from. You and your pet can dress as Ariel and Eric together (just imagine your dog or cat waddling around with a little mermaid tail!), or if there are other pets or people to involve, you can also bring in other characters, like Flounder the fish, Sabastian the lobster, and Ursula the sea witch.  

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Movie that debuted earlier this year broke multiple box-office records, including the biggest worldwide opening weekend for an animated film, and the highest-grossing film based on a video game. Needless to say, it was a “smashing” success and widely popular movie this year. Have some fun with your pet this Halloween and dress as Mario and Luigi together, or a Mario and Princess Peach pair. Some fun costume accessories to add might be a red or green hat with "M" or "L" that can easily be cut out with felt. If you have another pet to match, then you can include all three characters, or make it a family affair and include Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Toad!  

Taylor Swift Eras Tour 

Remaining a trending topic across news cycles and social media, the singer-songwriter Taylor Swift introduces many different human and pet costumes to choose from as she continues her Eras Tour across stadiums around the world, showcasing the different eras of her musical career throughout the years.

Whether you take it back to the Red or Fearless albums and bring out some country attire, go the edgier route reflecting her Reputation album, or decide to be more whimsical to match with the look of her Lover album, you really can’t go wrong! You and your pet will look stylish and be the talk of the dog Halloween costume party. 

The Woofie’s team can’t wait to see what you and your pet decide to dress as this Howl-o-ween! Don’t forget to tag us so we can feature you on our social media channels.