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Dog Walking Services in Bethesda

The Benefits of Hiring a Dog-Walking Service

Keeping your furry friend happy and healthy is our top priority at Woofie’s® of Bethesda. We firmly believe regular exercise is essential for dogs to maintain good health and realize that not all pet owners have the time or energy to provide them with the outdoor activity they need. That's where a professional dog-walking service comes in handy.

We understand that pet owners have busy schedules, so we offer flexible and consistent appointment times. When you choose our reliable dog-walking services, you can select 15, 20, or 30-minute walking sessions between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. (Monday through Friday). Our team of experienced dog walkers can take your furry friend for a walk at a convenient time.

Keep Your Pet Healthy Year-Round

Walking is an excellent form of exercise for dogs and an opportunity to engage with nature, which is vital for their health and happiness. Our dog-walking service provides quality outdoor time for your pet to get physical exercise, which aids in keeping them active. We keep dogs engaged during walks by changing routes, allowing them to explore and play.

Regular exercise can help your furry friend maintain the following:

  • A healthy weight
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Healthy bones
  • An active immune system

Walking stimulates their metabolism, which is essential for dogs who may not be very active at home, leading to a healthier, happier pup.

Dog walking is also a great way to help with behavioral issues, stress levels, mood swings, and overall health. Regular exercise helps lower a dog's stress levels and creates a sense of well-being that can improve their moods. Dog walking is also great for helping your furry friend socialize. It allows them to interact with other dogs and humans they meet on their walks.

Personalized Dog Walking Services

Our dog-walking service caters to dogs with mobility and health issues. If your furry friend has mobility issues, we can create a customized walking routine that suits their needs. If they have aggressive tendencies or anxiety, our trained pet specialists will prioritize their safety and comfort during walks.

Our dog-walking service is an excellent opportunity for your furry friend to engage with nature, exercise, socialize, and improve their well-being. Our reliable team offers flexible yet consistent appointment times, prioritizes pet safety and comfort, and creates a customized walking routine that suits our clients’ needs. So, if you want your furry friend to live a happy and healthy life, consider hiring a dog-walking service from Woofie’s® of Bethesda.

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Dog Walking Pricing

Mid-Day Dog Walks

We offer 15, 20, or 30-minute visits between the hours of 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Your pup’s mid-day visit will include exercise, playtime, water bowl refreshing, waste removal, and of course, some serious TLC. Additional fees may apply for households with multiple dogs or extra-large dogs.

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  • 15-minute visit

  • 20-minute visit

  • 30-minute visit

  • 45-minute visit

  • 1-hour visit


Dog Walking FAQs

  • What are the Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker?

    Hiring a dog walker benefits both you and your pup. These benefits include:

    • Regular walks promote health and exercise for your dog. In order to remain healthy your dog needs exercise and hiring a dog walker can help them achieve regular walks. 
    • Walking can help to eliminate destructive behavior at home. Hiring a dog walker will help to allow your dog to relieve his/her pent-up energy. In turn, your dog will be less likely to chew, bite, and bark during the day.
    • Mid-day walks with a dog walker can provide companionship. Your pet will likely be happier if they have social interaction while you're away.
    • Scheduled walks allow you to run errands after work without feeling guilty that your pup is home alone. You will have peace of mind knowing that your dog was able to get the exercise and relief they needed during their walk. 
  • Will you also take in my mail, water the plants, etc. when I am out of town?

    Yes! We can take in the mail, water plants, rotate your lights, etc. Just let us know what you need while you are gone! 

  • Do you administer medication?

    Yes, we do. Depending on the type of medication administration that is needed, there may be an additional fee.

  • How do I know that my dog was actually walked?

    Our Woofie’s app includes a GPS tracking system so you can see the route your walker took when walking your dog. 

  • How do you enter my home for service?

    Woofie’s requires two forms of entry to the home. If a key/s is one or more forms of entry, then a lockbox is required to ensure your key/s always stay on premises. A Woofie’s lockbox (which is yours to keep) is available for purchase if need be.

  • Do your sitters have background checks?

    Yes, all of our team members must undergo background checks upon hiring.

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